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Our Key Pillars

Orthofix Academy provides high quality educational courses, which include both face-to-face and online training events, designed to have both a professional and emotional impact, and to be immediately translated into clinical practice. Our Participants are the focus of a dynamic learning experience that consists of an optimal mix of practical sessions in the wet and dry laboratory, small group teamwork, peer-to-peer debates, didactic clinical case discussions and scientific lectures.

Orthofix Academy provides unique training experiences, customised to meet most of today's professionals and educational needs. The progressive learning pathway consists of three levels of courses – from the L1 Fundamentals, through to L2 Intermediate and L3 Masterclasses, each one with well-defined learning objectives and selection criteria for the participants. Orthofix Academy embraces the Orthopaedic disciplines of Trauma, Limb Reconstruction, Pediatrics and Foot & Ankle.

Our Faculty is composed of globally recognised orthopedic clinicians with an outstanding academic background and clinical experience, who are trained to share their knowledge in the most useful way. The content, programs and delivery methods are continuously updated as part of our commitment to ongoing improvement.

Complete Learning Pathway


Fundamentals courses provide an overview of the basic principles of bone biology and bone fixation. They are focused on safe corridors and safe insertion techniques for both pins and wires, as well as on the biomechanical stability of temporary and definitive fracture fixations with various external fixation devices.


Level 2 courses are divided into specific orthopedic specialisms: Trauma, Pediatrics, Limb Reconstruction and Foot & Ankle. These training events are intended for specialists interested in improving their practical expertise and surgical skills.


Masterclasses give the opportunity to discuss complex concepts and controversies in Orthopedics, debate innovative approaches for managing difficult orthopedic pathologies and share challenging clinical cases.

Piramide learning Pathway

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