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About Orthofix Academy

Orthofix Academy is an ever-evolving institution, in constant contact with a team of clinicians and researchers in an ongoing process designed to develop knowledge that can be quickly implemented in professional practice. Our vision is to exceed the expectations of orthopedic healthcare professionals in regards to their latest educational requirements and clinical challenges, with the common goal of making a difference in patients’ lives.

Orthofix Academy provides opportunities to expand your knowledge, reinforce your skills and connect with your peers.

There are in-person and remote training activities, practical sessions in wet and dry labs, peer-to-peer debates, interactive clinical discussions, publications, and research projects: we are fully committed to #ProgressEducation.

Orthofix Academy is accredited by the Royal College for Surgeons of England


Our Approach: an immersive experience adapted to Orthopedic professionals’ learning needs

At Orthofix Academy we continuously strive to build a motivated international scientific community, driven by passion and a strong commitment to improvement and learning. Our refurbished facility in Verona, Italy offers the exceptional opportunity to utilize our design facility, lab space and product development in one location where visiting surgeons and our marketing, product development and clinical affairs teams can collaborate closely on our newest technologies.

By encouraging synergy and diversity, open discussion, and creative interaction among clinicians worldwide, our aim is not only to share knowledge, but to create a unique learning experience. We provide high quality educational content through face-to-face courses and remote meetings, with a mix of lectures, clinical case discussions, surgery observations, interactive debates and practical sessions in wet and dry labs. Our innovative approach can be implemented easily into daily professional practice, and help patients.

That is why we offer a dynamic evidence-based approach incorporating an accelerated training methodology.

Learning Pathway

A continuous and comprehensive learning pathway - Orthopedics

The Orthofix Academy Orthopedics program is an innovative online and face-to-face step-by-step learning path consisting of three levels that are designed to develop tailored medical training in Foot & Ankle, Pediatrics, Limb Reconstruction and Trauma disciplines.

We take advantage of collaboration in a world-renowned scientific community, with modern teaching methods and cutting-edge technology to provide specialist scientific content, facilitate the sharing of international experiences and establish long-lasting networks.

We are focused on accelerated learning experience. Ranging from single-day training initiatives to longer, targeted courses and hospital-based observation, Orthofix educational programs are designed to have a powerful impact on scientific understanding and practitioners' abilities to improve patients' lives.

Learning Pathway

Spine Educational Offerings

The Orthofix Spine Medical Education program focuses on providing healthcare professionals and our sales team an environment for continuous learning. Consisting of a mix of practical hands-on sessions in the wet and dry laboratory, didactic clinical case discussions, and scientific lectures, these courses are designed to provide advanced training across the company’s spine fixation, disc arthroplasty, bone growth stimulation, and biologic solutions.

Spine Educational Offerings

Medical Education

As we innovate, we educate. Orthofix provides relevant, leading-edge educational opportunities throughout the year for our healthcare professionals and industry partners. Ranging from local single-day training programs to hospital-based observerships, we provide customized medical education opportunities to serve the needs of our customers and enhance the work they do every day. Courses are held in The Orthofix Academy in Lewisville, Texas, USA, and in the Orthofix Academy, Verona, Italy, as well as in locations around the globe.

Orthofix recognizes that bona fide medical research, education, and enhancement of professional skills contribute to patient safety and increase access to new technology. Accordingly, Orthofix makes education and training available to healthcare professionals and industry partners to facilitate the safe and effective use of Orthofix products.

Orthofix product and allografts training and education is only offered in compliance with the applicable local laws and regulations and to the medical technology industry ethical standards.

Orthofix Academy, Verona, Italy


The Orthofix Academy, based in Verona, Italy, is the fulcrum of a dynamic and interactive learning experience. Newly renovated, and designed to stimulate creativity and learning, the Orthofix Education Centre includes two 90-seat lecture rooms, a Board Room and a multi-purpose Laboratory with 24 stations equipped with digital technology, surgical power drills, Microsoft Surface Laptops and an inspiring creative space.

All the educational training programs are designed under the supervision of the Orthofix faculty, with the cooperation of our Clinical Affairs, Marketing, and Research & Development departments.

Orthofix Academy, Lewisville, Texas, USA

U.S. Training Facility

Live trainings are conducted regionally or at the U.S. Orthofix Academy, located in Lewisville, Texas. This dynamic learning center features a seven-station bio-skills laboratory, an 18-station dry lab with workstations, and lecture rooms with audiovisual equipment. These amenities provide a venue for accomplished healthcare professionals and industry partners to attend focused product and allograft trainings. Additional in-person training opportunities are held at our Motion Preservation development and manufacturing facility located in Sunnyvale, CA and through our partnership with MTF Biologics in Edison, NJ.

Orthofix UK Headquarters

The Orthofix UK headquarters
The Orthofix UK headquarters are situated in the historic and picturesque village of White Waltham, Maidenhead and are conveniently located to access all main transport links. Containing modern, comfortable surroundings with excellent practical and plenary facilities gives us the ability to facilitate small and medium sized group training events in alignment with our central Orthofix Academy programme. The venue provides users with high technology solutions to provide the best possible learning experience, delivered by our expert team in the UK.

Orthofix Mission and Values

“Our mission is to deliver innovative, quality-driven solutions as we partner with healthcare professionals on improving patients’ lives.”

Orthofix is committed to continuous Research, Innovation, Education and Training. We are a Company with strong values of responsibility and integrity, in an environment with a clear expectation of open and honest communications. Reflecting our Company’s values, the Orthofix Academy prioritises Accountability, Passion, Competence, Reliability, Patient Focus, Innovation and Ethics.

Orthofix History

What is now Orthofix Medical Inc. began in Verona, Italy, from the work of orthopedic researcher Giovanni De Bastiani, of the University of Verona. Towards the end of the 1970s, De Bastiani proposed the concept of "dynamization," based on the natural ability of bone to repair itself. He developed a modular system of external axial frame devices that could be fitted to a bone, allowing micromovement at the fracture site to stimulate bone healing. Together with a group of surgeons and an industrial engineer, De Bastiani founded Orthofix in 1980 in order to continue the development of these devices and to bring them to market. Today, Orthofix is a diversified, global medical device company doing business in more than 70 countries around the world.

Legal disclaimers

Orthofix product education and training is provided in strict compliance with the applicable local laws and regulations, and to the highest ethical standards of the medical technology industry.

All courses are subject to Compliance approval, and course sponsorship is subject to the certification of course attendance; therefore, all participants must attend the entire course and sign the Daily Attendance Log sheet. Each participant should be aware that full payment of the course fee is required regardless of non-attendance. Upon return, they will receive an e-mail with the Certificate of Attendance only if 100% presence has been recorded. Due to the ‘Orthofix Corporate Code of Business Conduct’ and the “Eucomed Guidelines on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals”, Orthofix cannot book, reserve or pay for any services for accompanying persons. If participants travel with an accompanying person, they will have to pay the associated expenses directly to the restaurants and/or the hotel. Subject to the new Privacy Regulation, course attendance will be allowed only after a specific non-disclosure agreement has been signed with Orthofix.

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